Golf Cart Training
Membership Discount 2/14/23 - 6/2/23. Use PLSR20 as the Promo code when you check out for a 20% discount.

Golf Cart Training

Date: Feb 07 - Dec 31, 2023

*If you have permission to use your personal golf cart, you can skip the questions and just print out the 2023 Personal Golf Cart Use Agreement and fill it out. You can upload that form and your insurance card and submit the form as above.

If at any time something isn’t working, please call the office.

Please click on the picture to your right to watch the short video. Once you have viewed the video go to links below and complete the quiz.

If you have already received your certificate from either RodeoHouston or Strawberry Festival just enter your information on the quiz form and upload the file and submit your form. If you have a certificate from 2022 for PLS&R you can submit that as well.

Once you have completed the form and or quiz please click on the agreement read and put a check in the box. Go to the bottom of the form and click that I am not a robot.

Once this is complete submit your form.

Thank you for completing your 2023 Golf Cart Training class.

Golf Cart Training
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Golf Cart Training
Golf Cart Training
Feb 07 - Dec 31, 2023
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