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Mutton Bustin Registration


  1. Minimum age 3, Maximum age 7
  2. Must be UNDER 60lbs on day of ride
  3. Must wear pants
  4. Must have closed toe shoes
  5. Helmet Must be worn (we can provide helmet)
  6. If the Mutton Bustin’ Chairman determines that a child is emotionally and or physically unable to safely ride and there is a legitimate concern of serious injury to the child or sheep, then the chairperson reserves the right to disallow the ride. The decision of the Chairperson is final.
  7. Only the contestant gets in free. Parents and all other spectators will have to pay the gate admission.
NO REFUNDS for any reason

Rider Information

at time of ride
Rider must be no more than 60lbs on day of ride.

Parent/Guardian Information


Pick all that apply
9/20 Mutton Bustin
only 17 left
9/21 Mutton Bustin
only 6 left
9/22 Mutton Bustin 3pm
only 18 left
9/23 Mutton Bustin
only 19 left
9/24 Mutton Bustin
only 19 left
9/25 Mutton Bustin
only 18 left
9/26 Mutton Bustin
only 18 left
9/27 Mutton Bustin
only 19 left
9/28 Mutton Bustin
only 5 left
Print parent/guardian name.
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