Pasadena Livestock Show & Rodeo
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Rock'N RV-Non Committeemen

Please fill this form out if you are not a member of the Pasadena Livestock Show & Rodeo organization.

  • Your fee includes (1) 20 amps electricity (NOT 30 amps) & RV Sump Service. Most spaces have water hookups,(Not Guaranteed)
  • 1 sump will be provided for Cook off and 3 sumps will be provided for Rodeo
  • Renter must supply own: water hose, gated Y, extension cord and RV plug adapter.
  • Arrival Schedule: BBQ: 09/14/2022 by 4pm Rodeo: 09/22/2022 by 7pm
  • Departure Schedule: BBQ: 09/18/2022 by 7pm Rodeo: 10/2/2022 by 4pm
  • Renter should contact R RV committee prior to arrival to confirm assigned space #
  • Under no circumstances, should any renter: tamper with, alter, change, or unplug another renter. Doing so will be cause for immediate removal from the fairgrounds, without refund. If a problem occurs please contact someone from this committee immediately.
  • PLS&R is not responsible for any damage to renter’s RV incurred while on the property.
  • All personal entertaining/ music shall cease by 12am Sunday-Thursday and 1am on Friday and Saturday.

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