Livestock Commitment Sale
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Livestock Commitment Sale

The 2020 Commitment Sale is now open. Help support our exhibitors that don't make the Auction and commit to purchasing an animal, or two or three!
Please contact Karen Newlander at or 713-261-5580 if you have any questions.

PLS&R Livestock Commitment Form

Please complete one form per animal or Floral design. Form must be completed entirely to be considered. Buyer is responsible for processing fees for hogs, lambs and goats. Exhibitor is responsible for processing & delivering rabbits and poultry.
I wish to purchase the following:

Please enter the student's name and school below.
Availability of Exhibit
Disposition (What do I want to do with this purchase?)

Processor Please choose processor for hogs, lambs or goats.

Please list charity name and phone number:
I understand this is a first come first serve request and I may not get to purchase the exhibit of my choice. I also understand that this commitment must be paid in full and the requirements of the PLS&R Livestock Show and Commitment Sale Rules must be met before payment will be distributed to the exhibitor.
I agree to the terms and conditions

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