Summer Prospect Show
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Summer Prospect Show


2 Rings-Must Show in Ring A to show in Ring B
Ring A: $35 Ring B: $30
$10 Cash Showmanship
Early Registration ends July 11th at 5pm!

Buckles for Jr/Sr Showmanship, Ring B Overall
& Division Champions
Prizes for Ring A
Limited Stalling/Show Off Trailer
Blow and Go Show
Old Timers & PeeWee Showmanship to follow shows
Banners, Prizes, and Ribbons for both rings
No bedding or shavings in barn
Rings will run simultaneously, please be prepared
We will have food vendors along with a stock show trailer on site for both days.

Lamb & Goats
Check in: 7-9am
Show Starts at 9:30am

Lamb Showmanship (Jr/Sr) - Ring A
Goat Showmanship (Sr/Jr) - Ring B
Shows will run simutaneously
Judges will switch rings and repeat

Light, Medium, & Heavy Goat Divisions

Dorper, Southdown, Finewool, Finewool X, and Medium Wool Lamb Divisions
Check in: 5-6:30 pm Saturday, July 13
Show Starts at 7 pm

Swine Showmanship (Sr/Jr)
Rings will run simultaneously with staggered start.

Swine will be shown by weight.
Steer & Heifers
Check in: 7-8:30 am Sunday, July 14
Show Starts at 9 am

American, British and Exotic Divisions
Steer shown by division and weight.
Heifers shown by division and age.
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