Board Attendance Policy
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Board Attendance Policy

Pasadena Livestock Show & Rodeo Association Inc.

(Hereinafter named PLS&R)


This policy is intended to support full contribution of all board members. All board members will receive a copy of this official policy. The policy is reviewed once a year and maintained in each member’s Board Manual. The policy has been reviewed and authorized by the board (see signature and date below).

Definition of a Board Attendance Problem
A board-attendance problem occurs if any of the following conditions exist regarding a board member's attendance to board meetings:
1. The member has two un-notified absences in a row (“un-notified” means the member did not call ahead to a reasonable contact in the organization before the upcoming meeting to indicate they would be absent from the upcoming meeting). A reasonable contact would be: The President, Secretary, or emailed response to the meeting reminder sent out the week prior to each meeting by the PLS&R Business Manager.
2. The member has three notified absences in a row.
3. The member misses’ half of the total number of board meetings in a twelve-month period.

Suggested Response to a Board-Attendance Problem
If a board-attendance problem exists regarding a member, the Chairman of the Board will promptly contact the member to discuss the problem. The member’s response will promptly be shared by the Chair with the entire Executive Board at the next Executive Board meeting. In that meeting, the Executive Board will decide what actions to take regarding the board member’s future membership on the board. If the Executive Board decides to terminate the board member’s membership, they will present their recommendation to the Board of Directors for the final vote. If the recommendation stands, termination will be conducted per this policy.

The Chair will request a letter of resignation from the member to be received within the next two weeks. The Chair will also request the member to return their board manual back to the agency by dropping it off at a specified location over the next two weeks. The board will vote regarding acceptance of the member’s resignation letter in the next board meeting.)

Revision History by the PLS&R Board of Directors, Board Attendance adopted August 13,
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