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Blue Jeanes is a true legend in the world of rodeo, known and respected far and wide.
With an impressive career spanning 24 years, 20 of those years spent in the dirt at Pasadena Rodeo as a bullfighter. Since retiring from bullfighting in 2020, Blue now holds many hats in and out of the arena for Pasadena Rodeo. From announcing our American Freestyle Bullfights on a packed Saturday night to pulling gates anytime needed. Blue Jeanes is a face you can always count on seeing at Pasadena.

Blue's journey as a bullfighter is nothing short of remarkable. Born into a rodeo family, where his father was a rodeo announcer, it's no surprise that Robert found his calling in the arena. His transition into the world of bullfighting seemed like a natural progression.
One of the many feathers in Blue's cap is his role as the representative for all PRCA bullfighters and barrel men. This prestigious position showcases the trust and respect his peers have for him within the rodeo community. Additionally, holding a seat on the NFR open selection committee is a testament to his influence and expertise in the sport.
But what truly sets Blue apart is his unwavering support for the youth in rodeo. His commitment to nurturing the up-and-coming talents in the sport not only highlights his heart, which is as big as Texas, but also enhances his insight into all aspects of rodeo productions.
When it comes to announcing a rodeo, Robert Blue Jeanes is the epitome of professionalism and knowledge. His deep understanding of each facet of rodeo, coupled with his genuine care for the sport, makes him a natural choice for the microphone. Announcing becomes an art when you have a true professional who not only knows what they're talking about but also deeply cares about the athletes and the rodeo itself.
Blue's legacy in the world of rodeo is etched in history, and his contributions continue to make a profound impact. He's a true icon, and his love for the sport and its future generations shines brightly.

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