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Bryce Redo hails from southeast Texas rodeo roots. By the time he got to high school, his athleticism excelled on the track team and football field. Redo passed up scholarship opportunities to run track at LSU and play football at Texas Tech.

What usually makes bullfighting a fan favorite is the man versus beast factor. A paycheck that comes with extreme danger each time you go to work.

“I rode bulls, never in the traditional way, got on big bulls from just about the beginning until I got bored riding bulls and woke up one day and decided I wanted to fight bulls.”
With the hashtag #besombody, it is no doubt Redo became bored with welding and construction work and gravitated back to his rodeo roots – but in a different pair of shoes. He traded his boots and cowboy belt in for pads and Nike’s.

Since joining the PRCA in 2019, Bryce has made a name for himself as a well-respected Bullfighter. Not only having the honor of working the NFR in 2022 but also being voted as a top 5 bullfighter 2 years in a row by his peers.

Redo is now a resident of Dayton, Texas with his supporting and loving wife, Laci Redo and 2 beautiful daughters.


They ask me: Why are you always there for the others, even though you are not feeling well yourself?” my answer is: Because I know how it feels when everybody looks the other way,” Bryce Redo.


  • 2022 Rodeo Houston Bullfighter
  • 2022 NFR Selected Bullfighter
  • 2023 PBR Finals Bullfighter
  • 3X Texas Circuit Finals
  • 2x NFR Open Bullfighter
  • 3x CPRA Finals Bullfighter
  • 2016 BFO Finals qualifiar
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